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spotlights, Paul-Löbe-Haus, German Bundestag, Berlin, entrance hall | concept, 1997

Gunda Foerster, LIGHT - SIGNS, spotlights, Paul-Loebe-Haus, Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin, Eingangshalle | Entwurf, 1997


– 5 spotlights
Spotlights have been placed in five eggcrate cells of the louvre ceiling (9 x 40 segments, 3.56 x 3.56 m each) spanning the vast room (height: approx 23 m; length: approx 100 m; width: approx 25 m).
Whenever someone stands beneath an eggcrate cell, a motion sensor triggers the light by activating a spotlight to produce a focused beam of light. A very bright white square field of light the same size as a cell of the louvre ceiling is projected onto the floor. At that moment the person is standing exactly in the light. As soon as he or she leaves this area, the spotlight switches off automatically.