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RGB-LED, Greifswalder Strasse 212, Berlin | permanent piece since 2014
Gunda Foerster, DIS-APPEARANCE, spotlights, Berlin, 2001_1


– acrylic cover
– electronic control
– wall: h x w = 23.00 x 7.60 m
– ornament: b x d = 12 x 10 cm

The light artwork in the atrium of the newly built Courtyard at Greifswalder Strasse No. 212 in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, symbolizes the process of transformation from a production site to a creative place. Ornamental arranged, oversized typography of the characters »G212« connect the place and its history. Thus they give the place an additional meaning, which establishes a link between the defined sky square and the clear structure of the facade. The gentle color change of the installation allow viewers to experience new contexts and references.

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